What makes a successful online store?

Buying online for many people is now as normal as going into town on a Saturday to do the shopping. Today, people feel more comfortable buying from the web than a few years ago but there are still many many websites out there that fail to understand what it takes to make a potential customer press the 'checkout' button and proceed with their purchase.

Too many sellers think having an online store and a 'buy' button is all it takes to make a living from the web. Selling online is hard and building a new website is just the beginning of the struggle to get the right mix between having a web site that engages with potential customers, getting the pricing and products right and making the whole process easy and a pleasure to use.

Our service is different. We don't just build a site and let you flounder. We explain what we think you need, after listening to your requirements, and try to accomodate everything you want whilst adding in our own knowledge of building eCommerce sites. We train you on the administration software so you can hit the ground running and have complete control over all aspects of your online business. These tools include the ability to change product features, images and prices, create static pages for better search engine visibility and view all orders outstanding or completed.

Features of our eCommerce package include; customer login, order tracking, multiple payment options, customer discounts and stock management plus lots more besides. It will integrate with many payment solutions - SagePay, WorldPay, Amazon Payments, Paypal, Google Checkout, SECPay and HSBC. Your eCommerce site will be designed completely for you - we don't use templates so your site is unique and one of a kind.

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